Whether it’s for safety purposes operating as a dash camera on your commute to work or recording your extreme mountain bike downhill. Action helmet and dash cameras are becoming increasingly popular amongst cyclists, motorists and sports enthusiasts. The good news is, Xtreme Sport DV doesn’t have a hefty price tag and is affordable for everyone.


History of the Action Camera

One of the first ever documented uses of a camera used to film footage and attached to a helmet was in back 1987, when a man named Mark Schulze used an RCA chip camera to create “The Great Mountain Biking Video”. Dissimilar to today’s helmet cams, Schulze’s setup was an unwieldy, heavy and consisted of a handheld video camera mounted on top of a motorcycle helmet with a separately attached microphone. The camera then fed video into a VCR placed in Schulze’s backpack.

So as you can imagine, the evolution of small Action Cams and head cameras have undoubtedly exploded in popularity. With their HD video, lightweight body, underwater recording capabilities and some of the greatest frame rates on the market, it’s hard not to see why.


Unlimited Applications

Whether you’re swimming with dolphins, snorkeling through the coral reef, snowboarding down picturesque slopes, or just spending well-deserved quality time with the family, the first person videos created by the XS SJ4000 action cameras will capture some of the most natural memories for when they matter most.

With their miniature proportions, tough design, ultra-wide fields of view, simple mechanics and the ability to be worn on most parts of the body help give video footage a real sense of drama.

Take a look at our video below and imagine the possibilities!


Whats Included?

SJCAM SJ4000 Basic IncludesAll action cams come with a wide variety of the basic mounting brackets. The mounts come in a sticky pad styling for affixing the camera to helmets, a wrist strap, we even include the handlebar bike mount, all at no extra cost! The 3M sticky pad adhesive, while strong enough to allow for the camera to remain in position, still allows the camera to be removed and replaced in a snap. The SJCAM SJ4000 helmet cams include different types of mounting options, each of which can cater to different classes of users. The most common mounts are the helmet mounts, which can be placed either on the helmet’s side or on top.

Many extreme sports enthusiasts enjoy sharing their experiences with their friends and family. Sadly, for many decades, it was near impossible to do so unless one of your friends joined you on the trip. In the last few decades, helmet and action cameras have become increasing popular within sports communities, as they allow athletes to record footage from their perspective while also performing within their sport. The footage recorded can then be shared with friends and even uploaded to the Internet for the entire world to see.


Full HD 1080P Action Cam

Whether you are on a family vacation and would like to document your child’s first steps on skis, or perhaps they are about to pull off their first stunt or trick. The new range of cameras now makes it easier than ever to catch the greatest moments. Our new cameras also demonstrate an outstanding 1080p filming for an affordable budget.

Get geared up and prepared this season, Xtreme Sport DV Ltd. is here to help!