The SJCAM Line of Action Camera in it’s default state is only capable of creating files up to 4GB in file size. This is not a limitation of the camera or firmware but a limitation created by the FAT32 partition that’s created while formatting the microSD memory card. Please note that this WILL NOT stop recording, instead the camera will automatically create a new file and continue recording video. There is no lost footage or glitches when this happens. You can easily stitch these files together in your favorite video editing program.

The FAT32 formatting in no way affects your video or functionality of the camera. However, if this is still unacceptable there is a simple solution to fix the 4GB limit.

Please note that formatting the microSD memory card by using the action cameras built-in formatting utility will create a FAT32 partition by default, there is no way to change this.

To remove the 4GB limit you must format the microSD card by using your computer, card reader or plug the camera into your computer using the included USB cable.

With the SJCAM Action Camera plugged into the computer:

  1. Go to “My Computer”
  2. Right click on the microSD card and select the “Format” option from the pop-up list.
  3. Change the format type to “exFat” w/32Kilobyte Allocation Unit size.
  4. Click “Format”

For more detailed information about the FAT32 format click here.

Please be aware this fix is no longer supported by the SJCAM Action Camera, exFat is not readable using the default SJCAM firmware. You’ll now have to stitch your video clips together (if they are larger than the 4GB limit) using your favorite video editing program. Xtreme Sport DV recommends adding a short cross-fade between the two clips. This will eliminate the small glitch between clips.