About Us

About Xtreme Sport DV Ltd.

Xtreme Sport DV Ltd. is the authorized premier Canadian dealer and distributor for SJCAM Limited (HK).  Since 2013, we have provided reliable and warrantied authentic SJCAM products. We work directly with SJCAM Limited network to provide Canadian SJCAM customers a trusted local point of contact for sales and service.

Xtreme Sport DV Ltd. is a leading provider of the SJCAM Action Camera Brand to the Canadian market.  Exceptional components and attention to detail are essential to make a quality action camera and have it stand up to the high demands of the North American market.  From firmware development to components, Xtreme Sport DV Ltd. ensures a trusted, authentic, SJ Series Camera.

Xtreme Sport DV Ltd. orders are processed and shipped same-day from our Canadian distribution center.  All shipments undergo strict quality control inspections to ensure complete customer satisfaction.  Xtreme Sport DV Ltd. offers a 1-year warranty on all products with proof of purchase.

Here at Xtreme Sport DV Ltd., we are fully committed to after-sales support.  Xtreme Sport DV Ltd. will release and test only official SJCAM branded firmware for versions of the cameras we import and distribute.  If the specific SJCAM camera model is not listed on our website, we do not yet fully support the product.

xtremesportdv.com and Xtreme Sport DV Ltd. have been fully authorized to use the SJCAM brand name.  All SJCAM Trademarks are owned by SJCAM Limited (HK).

Xtreme Sport DV Ltd. continues to welcome retailers, wholesalers and sales reps to provide local representation on a city and provincial level.  If you or your company are interested in selling Authentic SJCAM products, you may be eligible for wholesale pricing.  Please contact us for more information.

We hope you enjoy our new official Xtreme Sport DV Ltd. website and look forward to building the Canadian SJCAM presence!